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Getting Your Kitchen Remodeled?

Kitchen Renovations - What You Should Know

As a homeowner, there is usually that point where you decide you want to carry out certain level of kitchen renovations in your home. It is a good thing but it is important you understand certain things so that you don’t end up frustrated in the course of renovating your kitchen. First, you should know that it takes more than signing a contract to get your kitchen successfully renovated. As a matter of fact, after the initial interactions with the renovations expert or designer, there is still a lot more left to be done by you – prepping your kitchen for the renovation proper and deciding on what comes back in or not.

This is especially necessary if you have a very limited space in your kitchen. Therefore it is important that prior to carrying out your renovation, you have an idea of the type of furniture, especially woodworks, that you want to bring into your kitchen. Here are tips to help you carry out a smooth renovation exercise.

They are as follows:

  • Remove Valuable Items: Apart from packing and moving your dishes, you should also remove other valuable items that are inside your kitchen. These include dishes, flower vases, wall decorations, and pictures, both pasted and framed. Make sure they are carefully packed and stored in a safe spot. Although professionals are always careful when handling household items during renovation projects, accidents do happen and you don’t want to lose any of your valuable items. Double check the window ledges and make sure that no valuable items are at the risk of falling off from there while the project is going on. Play safe.
  • Go For Portable Storage Options: If space is a big issue in your kitchen, then you need to reconsider the type of furniture you bring into your kitchen after the renovations. For example, instead of settling for bulky kitchen cabinets or storage carts, you should opt for slender and single drawer cabinets. It will save you a lot of space since most of these woodworks serve multiple purposes in the kitchen including using the side as hand towel rail, the top as a counter while the utensils and other items go inside the cabinet. There are also serving cart designs that come with open and removable shelves for more convenience as you move meals from the kitchen to the dining area. Your pantry is another important part of your kitchen and settling for portable already-made pantry is a space-saver for every homeowner.
  • Start Prepping On Time: In order not to encounter any hitches in your kitchen renovations project, it is always better to start prepping on time. You can start a week before the commencement of the project so that by a day or two before the project, your kitchen space is ready for the project to begin.
  • Protect Your Floors: If the kitchen floor is not part of the renovation project, then you should take absolute care to see that it is protected before the project kicks off. You can cover them with old newspapers, old carpets, or any other protective covering. In order not to leave spots open, tape the coverings but in the case of wooden floor, extreme care should be taken not to damage the floor’s finishing. For tiled kitchen floors, you should consider padding the tiles with old carpets or used cartons. This way, you will be able to protect the tiles from getting cracked by the heavy tools used in the course of the kitchen renovations.
  • Go For Space-Friendly Furniture: Most homeowners whose kitchens come with kitchen islands sometimes use it as the dining area. This means that there will be dining chairs in the kitchen. In order to make sure that these chairs don’t occupy more space than necessary, you should opt for space-friendly chairs. There are various armless designs out there designed with a combination of wood, plastic or metal.

There are several reasons behind prepping before any kitchen renovations project is initiated but the most prominent among them include safety. You need to move your valuables to a safer place so that they don’t get damaged in the course of getting your kitchen renovated. The second reason is to provide a free environment for the contractors to work in. With these valuables moved, there will be no need for contractors to be apprehensive about damaging your valuable items in the course of working on your kitchen and giving it a much-needed face-lift. Start the journey towards a successful kitchen renovation by planning before hand and deciding on the right type and brand of furniture.